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Billy Cohbam - Total Eclipse (1974)

This is Billy Cobham's third solo recording under his own name and is a fine follow-up to Crosswinds. The mini-suite "Solarization" not only showcases the band's technical abilities, but also Cobham's strong compositional skills. It also features a schizophrenic piano solo ("Second Phase") from the underrated pianist Milcho Leviev, who sounds like a mutation of Cecil Taylor and Bill Evans. The funky "Moon Germs," on which John Abercrombie is pushed to inspiring new heights, became a Cobham classic. "The Moon Ain't Made of Green Cheese" is a beautiful flugelhorn solo by Randy Brecker backed by Cobham's debut on piano. The band stretches out on the lengthy "Sea of Tranquility," while "Last Frontier" is a gratuitous drum solo. This recording is highly recommended as Cobham still sounds inspired.
by Robert Taylor at All Music Guide

Post Bop

01 Solarization
02 Lunarputians
03 Total Eclipse
04 Bandits
05 Moon Germs
06 The Moon Ain't Made of Green Cheese
07 Sea of Tranquility
08 Last Frontier


Billy Cobham - drums / piano / tympani
Michael Brecker - flute / soprano and tenor saxophone
Randy Brecker - trumpet / flugelhorn
Glenn Ferris - tenor and bass trombone
Sue Evans - marimba
Milcho Leviev - keyboards
John Abercrombie - guitar
Cornell Dupree - guitar
Alex Blake - electric bass
David Earle Johnson - congas

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