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Chick Corea - Inner Space (1966)

This double album reissues Chick Corea's first album as a leader, Tones for Joan's Bones, adding two previously unissued tracks from the same session plus a pair of performances from a Hubert Laws date of the period that feature Corea's piano and writing. With such players as Joe Farrell on tenor and flute, trumpeter Woody Shaw, bassist Steve Swallow and drummer Joe Chambers on this Corea date, the pianist performs five of his originals plus "This Is New" while The Laws cuts include Corea's "Windows." Throughout, this advanced hard bop music, which keeps an open attitude toward the avant-garde innovations of the period, is consistently stimulating. Even at this early stage, Chick Corea's playing is quite recognizable.
by Scott Yanow in All Music Guide


01 - Straight Up and Down (12:36)
02 - Litha (13:31)
03 - Inner Space (09:20)
04 - Windows (08:47)
05 - Guijira (12:20)
06 - Trio for Flute, Bassoon and Piano (05:07)

Chick Corea - piano, keyboards
Joe Farrell - flute, tenor saxophone, wind
Hubert Laws - flute
Karl Porter - bassoon, wind
Woody Shaw - trumpet
Grady Tate - drums
Joe Chambers - drums
Herbie Mann - percussion
Joel Dorn - percussion

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