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Return to Forever - Where Have I Known You Before (1974)

This Return to Forever set finds guitarist Al DiMeola debuting with the pacesetting fusion quartet, an influential unit that also featured keyboardist Chick Corea, electric bassist Stanley Clarke and drummer Lenny White. On this high energy set, short interludes separate the main pieces: "Vulcan Worlds," "The Shadow of Lo," "Beyond the Seventh Galaxy," "Earth Juice" and the lengthy "Song to the Pharoah Kings." Acoustic purists are advised to avoid this music, but listeners who grew up on rock and wish to explore jazz will find this stimulating music quite accessible.
by Scott Yanow at All Music Guide.



01 Vulcan Worlds
02 Where Have I Loved You Before?
03 Shadow of Lo
04 Where Have I Danced With You Before
05 Beyond the Seventh Galaxy
06 Earth Juice
07 Where Have I Known You Before?
08 Song to the Pharoah Kings

Chick Corea – electric piano / acoustic piano / organ / synthesizers / percussion
Stanley Clarke – electric bass / organ / bell tree / chimes
Lenny White – drums / percussion / congas & bongos
Al di Meola – electric guitar / acoustic twelve-string guitar

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