domingo, 23 de janeiro de 2011

Cedar Walton - Eastern Rebellion (1975)

This CD reissue brings back a classic set featuring four giants of the modern mainstream: pianist/leader Cedar Walton, tenor-saxophonist George Coleman, bassist Sam Jones and drummer Billy Higgins. All five performances are noteworthy, particularly a definitive version of Walton's most famous composition "Bolivia," Coleman's tricky "5/4 Thing" and Jones's boppish "Bittersweet." The veteran musicians all sound quite inspired on this advanced straightahead set. A gem.
by Scott Yanow in All Music Guide


01 - Bolivia (10:10)
02 - Naima (08:38)
03 - 5/4 Thing (07:55)
04 - Bittersweet (06:54)
05 - Mode For Joe (07:41)

Cedar Walton - piano
George Coleman - tenor sax
Sam Jones - bass
Billy Higgins - drums

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