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Jaki Byard - The Jaki Byard Experience (1968)

Pianist Jaki Byard and the wondrous Roland Kirk (here switching between tenor, clarinet, and manzello) were two of the few jazz musicians who could play in literally every jazz style, from New Orleans to bop and free form. If only they had recorded a history-of-jazz album. Fortunately, they did meet up on a few occasions, including this brilliant quartet session with bassist Richard Davis and drummer Alan Dawson. They romp on Bud Powell's "Parisian Thoroughfare," Thelonious Monk's "Evidence," "Shine on Me," and "Teach Me Tonight." Byard duets with Davis on his own "Hazy Eve," but best of all is the pianist's duet with Kirk on "Memories of You." This set was also reissued as half of the Roland Kirk two-LP set Pre-Rahsaan.
By Steve Huey in All Music Guide


01 - Parisian Thoroughfare (10:05)
02 - Hazy Eve (04:34)
03 - Shine on Me (04:16)
04 - Evidence (04:24)
05 - Memories of You (07:13)
06 - Teach Me Tonight (05:23)

Jaki Byard: piano
Roland Kirk: tenor saxophone, manzello, clarinet, whistle, kirkbam
Richard Davis: bass
Alan Dawson: drums

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