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Rahsaan Roland Kirk - The Return of the 5000 Lb. Man (1976)

The Return of the 5000 Lb. Man was Rahsaan Roland Kirk's first album for Warner Brothers, recorded before the stroke that impaired him. Kirk is at full creative and musical strength. These seven tracks are an utter astonishment. Kirk's playing of saxophones, harmonica, flutes, and euphonium is deep, soulful, and even profound in places. "Theme for the Eulipions" (which opens the album), "Giant Steps," and "There Will Never Be Another You" features an all-star band that includes Charlie Persip, a young Hilton Ruiz, bassist Buster Williams, Romeo Perique on baritone saxophone, and Howard Johnson on tuba. The version of "Sweet Georgia Brown," with its wacky percussion and whistling, is so utterly joyful and funky it's perhaps the definitive jazz version of the tune. But it's the readings of Minnie Riperton's "Loving You" and Charles Mingus' "Goodbye Porkpie Hat" that take the album to an entirely new place. They are, though very different from one another, so utterly moving and aesthetically beautiful, they elevate music to the level of poetry. This is one that's utterly necessary for fans, and a very fitting intro for the novice.
By Thom Jurek in All Music Guide

Modern Creative
Hard Bop

01 - Theme for the Eulipions (09:30)
02 - Sweet Georgia Brown (04:47)
03 - I'll Be Seeing You (06:09)
04 - Loving You (04:49)
05 - Goodbye Pork Pie Hat (06:22)
06 - There Will Never Be Another You (05:09)
07 - Giant Steps (06:12)

Roland Kirk: tenor saxophone, manzello, stritch, clarinet, flute, harmonica, euphonium
Howard Johnson: tuba (tracks 1, 6 & 7)
Romeo Penque: baritone saxophone, oboe (tracks 1, 6 & 7)
Hilton Ruiz: piano, celesta (tracks 1 & 4-7)
Buster Williams: bass (tracks 1, 6 & 7)
Charlie Persip: drums (tracks 1, 6 & 7)
Joe Habao Texidor: percussion, vocals (tracks 1 & 4-7)
Betty Neals: recitation (track 1)
Maeretha Stewart: vocals (track 1)
Hank Jones: piano (track 2)
Milt Hinton: bass (track 2)
Fred Moore: washboard (track 2)
Wilton Eaton: whistling (track 2)
Trudy Pitts: organ (track 3)
William Butler: guitar (tracks 3-5)
Bill Carney: drums (tracks 3-5)
Arthur Jenkins: keyboards (tracks 4 & 5)
Matathias Pearson: bass (tracks 4 & 5)
Jerry Griffin: drums (tracks 4 & 5)
Warren Smith: percussion (tracks 4 & 5)

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