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Hiro Yanagida - Hirocosmos (1973)

Top quality, legit, eye-popping reissue housed in hard cover mini-LP styled gatefold sleeve complete with obi and liners of this rare 3rd album by psychedelic maverick Yanagida Hiro. Another totally vanished and ear bleedingly rare gem out of Japan's psychedelic history, this was Yanagida Hiro's (ex Apryl Fool, Food Brain, Sato Masahiko & Soundbreakers, Floral, etc) second solo album released in 1973. Original copies hardly never surface anymore so this reissue that came out years ago was a more than welcome feast. The music is also just stellar and can be best described and as a mixture between Miles Davis mid seventies electric period (minus the horns) cross-breeding with fusion and psychedelic elements, some snippets of unbridled improvisational jams and extended spun out instrumental tracks. Swirling key changes, synth driven organic whirlpools of exotic bliss, rigid time changes, swift communicative interplay that touches on freak out jams as well as on sweet oozing interludes. A real sonic gem, and probably the best disc ever made to accompany your autumn feelings of fleeting summer lust and last upsurges of vitality before winter settles in. One of the key recordings out of Japan's psychedelic and progressive rock history and much in demand although never offered these days.


01 - The Sea Of Tempest (05:38)
02 - Ode To Taurus (04:18)
03 - Breaking Sound-Barrier (05:19)
04 - Happy Cruise (06:32)
05 - Rockomotion (05:54)
06 - Uncertain Trip (06:40)
07 - Time For Reverie (04:22)

Hiro Yanagida - Piano, Electric Piano, Organ [Hammond], Synthesizer [Arp], Mellotron
Tsugutoshi Goto - Bass Guitar
Takeru Muraoka - Sax
Masayoshi Takanaka - Electric Guitar
Masami Kawahara - Percusion
Robert Rosenstein - Drums

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