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Hiro Yanagida - Milk Time (1970)

One of the central fixtures of the the 70's Japanese psychedelic underground, wailing keyboard wiz Yanagida was a member of Nurse With Wound listers Foodbrain, Masahiko Satoh and Soundbreakers, Apryl Fool and the completely mental Love Live Life + 1. Milk Time was the first of four album under his own name and though it contains a handful of the pedal-to-the-metal howling hammond psych/proto-prog attacks that he's notorious for (and which was lacquered on rather thicker on his eponymous second album), this one casts it's net further afield; outwardly bound Journeys Through Burning Brains playing footsie with harpsichord-laden moves located somewhere between Carnaby Street and Rischkas' Soul occupy equal space to the propulsive acid thunder, much of it garlanded by the stinging acid guitar of the legendary Kimio Mizutani. This scene is now finally getting it's day in the sun via Julian Cope Japrocksampler and Milk Time is one of it's stone cold classics.

Progressive Rock

01 - Love St. (0:54)
02 - Running Shirts Long (8:43)
03 - When She Didn't Agree (1:14)
04 - Happy, Sorry (5:55)
05 - Yum (3:50)
06 - Love T (1:37)
07 - Fish Sea Milk (2:24)
08 - Fingers Of A Red Type-Writer (8:29)
09 - Milk Time (0:27)
10 - Me And Milk Tea And Others (2:47)

Hiro Yanagida - Keyboards, Written-By, Arranged By
Keiju Ishikawa - Bass
Hiro Tsunoda - Drums, Percussion
Nozomu Nakatani - Flute
Kimio Mizutani - Guitar [Electric]
Hiroki Tamaki - Violin [Electric]

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